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Turn on your radio and laugh! Traffic Therapy is a bimonthly sketch podcast taking on the tough questions society is too scared to ask like “What if Indiana Jones was performed by a cast of octopi?” “Why do people attend Artist’s Workshops?” and “Do you wish there was more yelling in Back to the Future?” It is created and produced by Sam Suksiri (, a professional audio drama writer who studied sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade. It was during a sketch class table read he realized reading sketches and imagining what’s happening is a lot of fun. And it was during hours spent in traffic he realized sitting in traffic is awful, but listening to his grandpa's tapes of old time radio comedies helped relieve the stress and pass the time. So Sam set out to create a new kind of sketch comedy podcast. With the rigors of sketch writing from the UCB, the sound design techniques of audio drama, and an amazing cast of voice actors, Sam made Traffic Therapy. 

"You're a marine biologist! You know sharks can't survive in pasta!"

-Episode 3 "Macaroni Shark" sketch


Sam Suksiri and Alex Robbins write the sketches. It takes about a month to write each recording session script. First Sam collects a bunch of vague sketch ideas from Alex, the rest of the cast, and many people who don't even realize he's going to make a sketch out of something they said. Then he sits with his computer and questions every life choice that led him to this point.  After some coffee and a good cry, he knocks out a rough draft. Alex reads it and questions why he ever became friends with Sam. After many rewrites, the actors do a table read and politely point out Sam's many typos. They make suggestions and try out different voices and characters. We all laugh. Finally, the scripts are printed, highlighted and we hit the studio!

“Well what did you expect from a place called Town-of-Toms-Who-Also-All-Believe-in-Time-Travel-Upon-Upton?”

-Episode 1, “Town of Toms” sketch


Traffic Therapy is performed by a talented ensemble cast playing many different voices each episode. Listed are some of their fan favorite roles!

Justin Anderson (Batman, Jimmy Stewart, Obscure Olympian, Guy Who Doesn't Want to Tip)

Chelsie Bennett (Charlie Bucket, Black Widow, A Dying iPhone, Liam Neeson)

Madalyn Rilling (Terry Gross, The Phantom of the Opera, Successful Author, Spock)

Alex Robbins (Barista, Usher, Craig, Nathan Detroit, Loki)

Sam Suksiri (Alfred, Enjolras, Marlon Brando, Doc Brown, James Bond)

“Come on, Kevin. When we capture the rebel base, we’re not going to punish their office supplies!”

-Episode 4, “Spicy, Spicy, Spice Mines” sketch


It takes a lot of work once we got the sketches recorded. Each 15 minute episode takes about 40 hours of editing, foley, and sound design. 

Engineer – Keagan Kellogg

Sound Design and Editing – Sam Suksiri

Music Composition and Performance – Kenzie Jones (

Illustrations and Graphics – Sam Suksiri and Alex Robbins

Sound Effects sourced from ZapSplat (, AudioBlocks ( and Tabletop Audio (

“This is clearly enough guns, Neo. And stop making that whooshing noise!”

-Episode 4, “The One” sketch



-Episode 2, “Back to the Future With More Yelling” sketch


Traffic Therapy can be listened to directly on our website as well as subscribed and listened to on many podcast platforms including itunes, stitcher, spotify, google play music, and youtube.

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“Who even uses itunes anymore?”

-Episode 4, Credits


Episodes are released every other Friday at 5PM Pacific Time.

“A train on dry land cannot sink!”

-Episode 5, “Train Titanic” sketch



“She’s made of iron! I assure you, she can sink!”

-Episode 5, “Train Titanic” sketch

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What People Are Saying About Traffic Therapy

"Not only did I laugh, but I laugh in different ways. I chuckle at the wordplay in “Town of Toms” set in Town-of-Toms-who-also-all-believe-in-time-travel-Upon-Upton. I smile through gritted teeth at the biting, close-to-home satire of “Artists Workshop.” At times kooky, always smart, the podcast is just long enough to fill a trip to the grocery store. So if you’re not too busy texting or taking selfies on your next morning commute, give Traffic Therapy a listen."

-TJ Neathery, On Colorado Springs (link to article)

This Week in Comedy Podcasts, April 2018 "Other Podcast's We're Listening To" list.

-Splitsider (link to article)

“Great fun. It’s like listening to an improv act on the air. You just let each episode go where it will and enjoy the ride. I think the format is brilliant for the content - quick and random topics that make you laugh and then move on to the next before you really have a chance to question what just happened. For those moments when you’re stuck in the bumper-to-bumper molasses of life, this show offers a breath of fresh comical relief through your dashboard vents.”


“Hilarious. I think I alarmed the people around me who were also stuck in traffic as they saw me cackling to myself alone in the car. Playing this podcast will make you the most popular carpool driving in your congested metro area.”


“This podcast is really entertaining and perfect for a quick laugh on your commute. It’s smart humor with just the right amount of levity.”