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Traffic Therapy

Season 1

Ep. 6: Marvel's Predictive Text Avengers

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Episode 6, "Marvel's Predictive Text Avengers." What an age we live in; there are videos on the internet of baby animals so cute, not even Batman can resist, phones can do so many things... including feel unimaginable pain, and have you tried the cheesecake at Mindy's? Have you? HAVE YOU? 

We've even got a sketch written my a computer. Thanks to Botnik, we uploaded the script of Marvel's Avengers and it used predictive text to write a sketch. Visit to learn more about how computers will soon replace writers. 

Track List

1. Alfred Shows Batman a Video of Baby Panda in the Zoo

2. Low Battery Pain

3. Marvel's Predictive Text Avengers

4. Eat the Cheesecake

5. Batman Shows the Justice League a Video of a Baby Panda in the Zoo

6. Credits (sung to Bohemian Rhapsody

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