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Traffic Therapy

Season 1

Ep. 13: Halloween Extravaganza II: Electric Spookaboo

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Imagine, if you dare, your greatest fear. Perhaps it’s a café that’s actually a NPR show. Or it may be a mermaid stockpiling nuclear weapons. Or a magical talking gym bag, an electrified tenor, or a lengthy download untimely interrupted. The mere thought of such terrors could understandably drive you to hid in your neighbor’s refrigerator; your only solace being the knowledge that such things are only possible in… The Mysterious Dimension.

Track List

1. Oh What a Night

2. Thingamabombs

3. Reboot

4. Terry Gross' Fresh Coffee

5. The Mysterious Dimension (brought to you by Sheath)

6. Kavanaugh (parody of Havana by Camila Cabello)

7. In My Fridge

8. Gym Bag

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