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Traffic Therapy

Season 1

Ep. 12: The Most Challenging Game


Remember back when you'd go to your friend's house after school and play video games for hours and eat junk food and not worry about the giant nearby volcano threatening to erupt? Where have the years gone? Are they in some lost city? Perhaps out in the vast reaches of space, that final frontier... all I know is my conscience wants me to give my custom character more hair. 

I'm thrilled this episode features the song Shigeru Miyamoto, by Jonathan Mann from his original work, "The Mario Opera." Keen listeners of Traffic Therapy may have noticed we occasionally, and very subtly, reference musicals. I guess musicals are similar to audio dramas, and one of my favorites has been "The Mario Opera" since I first heard it in high school. Be sure to check out Jonathan Mann's other work at He's been busy writing a new song every day since 2009. That must be like... fifty songs by now. 

Track List

1. Custom Character

2. Vulcanologist

3. Hair

4. Conscience

5. Shigeru Miyamoto (original song from "The Mario Opera" by Jonathan Mann)

6. Tri-Dimensional Chess

7. Lost City (Sponsored by Sheath)

8. The Most Challenging Game

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